A Rapid Insights Tool

What is a Rapid Insights Tool?

Ideeter is a quick and easy way to generate insights using a social platform through time-limited challenges (asking a question, posing a problem). From a specific crowd of people who share and vote on ideas that are summarised with the prioritised ideas rising to the top. Comprehensive reporting gathers all the ideas in one place. Easy to set up and flexible an owner can make changes during a challenge such as increasing the duration of idea sharing or voting.

• Comparable and repeatable – run the challenge again and measure change
• Focus and refine– ask a better/different question each time or multiple questions
• Widen participation within your crowd – anyone can be invited to take part
• Actionable, rated ideas - leaderboard of ideets

Rapid Reporting

A rapid insight tool enables a challenger to get real-time feedback as a challenge progresses. It offers dynamic reporting enabling detailed end-of-challenge results.  The winning and most liked ideas rise to the top and a complete actionable list of all the ideets is immediately available.

The Dashboard

I want to be a pioneer

Stats and charts



  • Number of participants
  • Ideet count
  • Ideets per user
  • Liked/rated ideets
  • Participants who liked/rated


Valuable post challenge insights

  • Ideeter build over time
  • Ideets achieving a certain score
  • Score versus time

Facilitator dashboard

An in-challenge facilitator dashboard allows a real-time view so that a challenge can be extended for idea creation or voting to ensure maximum participation. Gamification encourages ideets and voting. In a time-limited challenge this can be incentivised to reward a super ideeter or super voter.

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