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Ideeter is a social platform

Ideeter is social platform, a rapid insight tool that allows users to design, run and manage challenges.  A challenge is a question you want answered, an idea you want developed.  We have run many very successful challenges for corporates, charities, universities and community groups as part of our development programme, marketing effort and for a bit of pro-bono every now and then! 

What we notice is that, as a platform ideeter works really well, especially in closed, corporate applications; sure, it’s a useful and powerful community tool too but we have seen the best results when it’s used by professional facilitators and consultants to support them in-company client assignments,

In developing the platform we consulted with and recruited a small team of outstanding facilitators and change managers, in return for access to our beta version they gave us insights into real client assignments and global best practice in innovation management, problem solving, creative ideation and developing insight.  Their willingness to take a risk with their clients by road testing our platform led us to call them Pioneers.

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A tool for facilitators, coaches and consultants

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Making the user experience simple and intuitive, challenge management easy and results as powerful as we can and as we roll out we want to expand our “inner circle” it’s a key part of our growth strategy.  We are looking for a number of Pioneers:

If you would be interested in finding out how ideeter can help you grow your business, please contact us to find out more email us or call us on +44 7767352251.

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