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  • A quick and easy way to harness great ideas
  • Crowdstorm character limited ideas around opportunities and problems
  • Time limited, rewarded, gamified challenges

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iDeeter collects ideas

iDeeter collects ideas and makes sure the great ones stand out

It’s quick to get started and easy to use, making creative collaboration between you, your team or colleagues easier than ever.

A highly accessible, engaging and effective ideas sharing tool

Innovation is critical to business success and to innovate you need great ideas. iDeeter harnesses the combined wisdom of crowds to rapidly generate large volumes of high quality ideas and insights. We call this crowdstorming.

Raise and resolve almost any challenge

iDeeter is an online creative problem solving application which addresses the tough challenges faced by teams, organisations and communities.
It uses the insights of people to power a platform where ideas are shared and voted on in time constrained challenges. It leverages the global reach of social networks and the power of search engine functionality to deliver meaningful and innovative answers fast.

'iDeeter offered a great way of generating ideas we would never have otherwise conceived of.' Maryann Baker, Brain Boost Box

Reap the many rewards

  • Harness creativity from the breadth of your crowd, from CEO to customer
  • Rapidly gather large volumes of great, relevant ideas
  • Easily identify the best ideas through rating
  • Build consensus to ease implementation of ideas
  • Help your crowd feel great by engaging, listening to and rewarding them
  • Use analytics to better understand your challenges
  • Easy to set up and brand your own private site
  • Remote and video based learning and support