Gather the best ideas to solve your biggest problems

iDeeter is...

  • A quick and easy way to find and harness great ideas
  • A tool to find opportunities and solve problems
  • Centred on time limited, rewarded, gamified challenges
  • Simple, self service and low cost


iDeeter collects ideas

Engage and harness the power of your most valuable resource

It’s quick to get started and simple to use, making collaboration easier than ever. It overcomes organisational and geographic boundaries allowing anyone to crowdstorm any time, anywhere.

A highly accessible, engaging and effective ideas sharing tool

Innovation is critical to business success and to innovate you need great ideas. iDeeter harnesses the wisdom of crowds to generate high quality ideas and insights. We call this crowdstorming.

iDeeter is a really powerful platform and it was great fun to use Simon Douglas, Cisco

  • Harness the breadth and depth of your crowd’s brainpower
  • Gather great, relevant ideas, rapidly
  • A safe place to try stuff out
  • Highly visible and democratic
  • Consensus eases implementation
  • Help your people feel appreciated
  • Save time, money and manpower
  • Intelligent analytics and reporting